Fear Of Missing Out

by Losing Sleep

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THE MOUTH "Tell All Your Friends" era Taking Back Sunday meets "Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation" era Funeral for a Friend. I love it! Favorite track: Out Of State Plates.
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This is our debut album.

Produced & mixed by Bob Cooper.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Mastering.

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released January 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Losing Sleep Kingston Upon Thames, UK

four friends

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Track Name: One Year Of Winter
If this is my second life of two then I am not long born, can barely walk at all. I could do with a phone call. I try to piece this together, halfway gone or halfway better. You look at me with tired eyes. It was the longest summer night.

Living with disaster, whatever we’ve been through.
The shortest year has passed. I curse the roads with you.

I'm still trying to find the silver lining.
You said, ‘You’re back on your feet and that’s good enough for me.’
It’s stitched into my wrist, a permanent reminder.

There isn’t much to write about when you never leave your parents’ house. I should be getting away I’m barely coming around. The look on your face says I’ve got nothing to lose now. Just another life that I owe to a small town.

It’s been a while, and I’m losing sight
I try to remember what it feels like.

I did my best to pull myself together, I think I’m getting worse but they say I’m getting better. There’s nothing like dreaming your way through a nightmare. Sticking to a promise: I’m not going anywhere.

I’m still trying to find the silver lining. x 1000000
Stitched into my wrist. A permanent reminder.
Track Name: People In Glass Houses Sink Ships
Step out the front door make the most of these new wounds. Catch my reflection when I'd rather look back at you. A failed ghost, a poster boy for the living dead. “I can leave now I know you're alive”, you said.

I’ve got a nice room with a decent view.
It’s just a shame I never get to see you.

Famous last words that you never heard.
Tell everyone if you can live with the lie.
I was only trying to get out alive

If it helps at all, frame my last words on your new walls. Just don’t wait up for another call, I traded my room at the hospital. To stay inside for a few more days, I might be patient but I’m not waiting. I would have dropped the world you wouldn’t say the same.

When you sat by my bed I thought that’s all you meant. It’s all in my head.

I spent the last night of my old life cooped up in your room alone.
Trying to perfect a memory, a treasured view of home.
I tricked myself into losing hope.
Just like the last words that I wrote..
'How could you ever blame me for leaving,
if you were never coming home?'
Track Name: Hesitate To Call
Our eyes meet across the room. I let myself get lost in you. If no one notices we could get away with this. Let myself drink till I don't think, make a mess of every chance I get. Should keep to myself tonight, you’re out of sight, on my mind. Between the handshakes my hand shakes. I can't take my mind off you.
Even when I try to.

Between all these accents, united like an accident.
A little closer every night, couldn't tell you what it feels like.

You mouth 'Are you okay?' Drowned out by the PA. I play the same song, you're the only one I want to sing along. Worn out for a week, losing touch, craving sleep. Constantly wishing, you weren't so far from me. Brush it off or try too hard. Won me over little looks at the bar.

Now I stand across the room,
Pretend I don’t notice you.
Track Name: Never Told You
I never told you enough, it was always you keeping me up. Now I stare at these blank walls, while I wait for your phone call. It’s like I’m waiting for the weather to change. I guess I’m at it again. Draft a letter to a realist when I knew you wouldn’t read it. It says I hope you don’t mind but I’ve been wasting my precious time, wishing I got this right.

It’s another long night, I feel like staying up till it gets light. You make this easy on me. It reminds me how hard I tried. I sit around with my head on this desk. Try to write myself out of this mess, and you can have what’s left.

There's a fading light on the coast and you're the only one who knows.
If you get caught up in the water I'll keep you afloat.

Dragging this up again, when I wish I could I’d sit it out. It turns out that when you’re away is when I really need you around. Sometimes this place just feels, like a memory of a town. I’ve been thinking about giving myself to the lost and found.

There's a fading light on the coast, you're the only one who knows.
If you get caught up in the water I'll keep you afloat.
The river wears me down. You’re the only one I’ve told.

Your voice always catches in the static on the phone.
With so much sky between us, no wonder we're alone.
I can hear your words as they delay.
I should try and take this day by day.
You could hardly be further from me.
I’m just bad news looking for company.
Track Name: Meet Me In Agloe
I've been pacing this room so much. There's tracks in the carpet.
I've gotta stop calling you up. I thought it was worth it.
I haven’t been sleeping enough. I hope you know you’re keeping me up.
I’ll be a book for you to read, crease my corners I’ll keep you company.

Crossing all the days off my calendar.
Wait for you to turn up at my door.

You took those dark roads in the rain, crossed the park before midnight.
I dare you to make that journey again. Maybe we can get it right.
With cheap drinks and rich stories, let’s make a promise that we’ll never get boring. Perch on the edge like you’ve nothing to lose. Like we’ve got nothing better to do.

I’m crossing all the days off my calendar.
I wait for you to turn up at my door.
Crossing all the days off my calendar.
If it’s what you want you won’t have to see me anymore.

I look for your face in the local paper, when you’re missing from my mind.
I know you’ve got better ways to spend you’re time
I just wish you’d join me to waste some of mine.
Track Name: Duke City Flowers
Left the house tonight and nearly turned back twice.
Second guessed myself, far too many times.
I can feel the winter, drawing nearer, creeping in my clothes.
I put up with the weather, like you put up with my jokes,
I know you don't. I know you don't.

You keep me on my toes, en pointe I know it shows.
Feel I'm getting weak. Reaping what I sow.
Speaking clearly, you don't believe me, or you struggle with the truth.
I've got a lot to lose, a list that starts with you.

I locked myself away, for everyone else's sake.
I left you with the news, so it would keep you awake.

I'm trying to find a balance between, spilling my guts and coming clean.
We took this way too fast, or you knocked me off my feet.
So here’s a secret you can keep..
Hey sweet, you knocked me off my feet.

Practiced patient carefully waiting on another dose.
Spent the summer wrapped up in each other,
Keeping out of our clothes.

I just wanna keep you from sleeping.
Whatever way you take this. I hope you know I meant it.
Track Name: Give Her Hell From Us
Don't say this is killing me, I lived through that it just won't stop coming back. I lay awake for days nothing comes close to the weeks I spent asleep. Now I’ve got nothing but time, would you sit by my bed and stick around for a while. We can see if survival, is finally going out of style. Cause it’s been a while.

Baby I've been through hell, please don't put me through worse.
Give me some time I'll let you live in these words.

Don’t say I'm dying to leave. It's too close to the truth I just need some space to breathe. I had the plans to my great escape, now I’m laid up and skinny losing track of the good days. I’m never awake, always coming round. As you drag this out it starts to drag me down.
These perfect plans turn to worse mistakes,
I’m no good on my feet but I know this place.
Like the cannula in the back of my hand,
I’ll do whatever it takes just to get way.

Let’s get away.

Every few days I get to see your face,
Just a visitor to watch me waste away.
From the ITU to the general ward,
Take some time to think about what you're here for.

Track Name: Tin Can Telephones
It felt like we tore ourselves apart last night. We picked at all the knots and tried to break the ties. Dug down to the deepest roots of entwined lives. We unearthed the secret we've been keeping.

Out of touch on a tin can telephone, when the wire breaks I'm left alone.

We were like kids playing chicken, with second hand hearts.
If you don't get out the way, you're gonna get torn apart.

We broke into that building, or we walked right in. I followed you to the roof, you took your place the wrong side of the railing. Pulling at your anchor lines had me holding on too tight. With your old street dead below us, we couldn't help but feel alive.

Every time we talk there’s too much to say.
While I fall apart, you’re a world away.

I know what the books all say................

'Knots weaken the ropes, in which they are made.'
I'd rather be tied up in you than let my ends fray.
At least I know that’s what they say.
Track Name: Out Of State Plates
If I sell off all my memories, there’ll be nothing worth saving left of me. We’ve been keeping our distance literally. It’s the worst thing getting the best of me.

Hill sides and stop signs. Long walks on cool nights.
We got so close so far from home.

If I sell off all my best laid plans I can give in to all your sweet demands. Every week apart is a notch in my arm. The days between us fade to a scar.

Hill sides and stop signs. Long walks on cool nights.
We got so close so far from home.
Backstreets and heartbeats. Hummingbirds and dirty beaches.
We’d rush home to never sleep.

Play that song for me, when you get lonely.
Never miss your favourite part.
The days between us fade to a scar.
Track Name: Holden
I've been watching your moves for days. I don't like the way you're playing this. I feel the odds stack up against me, another night to burn in my memory. I know I've paid for this, in broken bones and hospital trips. All I've left to offer is my tortured soul. It's the only thing that I haven't sold.

Keep hold of me, with a grip that won't slip.

No one will get me like you do. I build up walls that you see straight through.

I wake again in the wreck of my old car. Our bodies crushed and bent out of shape. Between the cold damp English days, I've been dreaming in past mistakes.

Dried blood and petrol. Torn clothes and twisted metal.

I never said I was done with this.
Now it’s dragging us down to hell with it.

I swear I’ve been through this before.
I d o n ’ t k n o w w h a t t o w i s h f o r a n y m o r e .
Track Name: I Wrote Off My Tape Deck
I settled again, another new address. A room full of boxes, just like I never left. The dust barely settled on these old souvenirs. Let's write our names in the door frames so they know we were here.

A copied cassette and a worn out sofa.
We’ll be laughing again before this is over.
It’s only a week before I’m leaving again.
In the back of this book I’ll keep a note of what you said.

If I listen to the words I used to write, they tell me that I always wanted this kind of life.
We take comfort in the confidence that gets us by.
Keep living like we’re running out of time.

I swear we’ll never rest, keep the tank topped up.
Walk the rest of the way if it isn’t enough.
The best thing about living in a small town,
It’s just a short walk over to your house.

When I start to feel patched up and coming apart you can always ease my mind with a postcard. Let the winter slowly fade, If you ever feel trapped I hope you get away.

If I listen to the words I used to write, they tell me that I always wanted this kind of life.
We take comfort in the confidence that gets us by.
Still living like it’s going out of style.

Every moment seems to pass twice as fast, from the worn out sofa where this started I hope it lasts.
Light a fire and bury our memories, somewhere between the tallest trees.
Celebrate our best days with me. I’ll meet you on Eden Street.